Litter "H" September 1 st, 2020
It is our pleasure to present you a new litter in our kennel. We got six nice puppies, two males Hercule and Horace and four females Hebe, Honey, Haku and Hasima.
All puppies are in new nice homes.

Photos of puppies H: hthttp://www.minibullzkosova.cz/cs/fotogalerie/category/57-puppies-h
Photos of puppies H at new homes :https://www.minibullzkosova.cz/cs/fotogalerie/category/58-puppies-h-ii?tab=1 

Both parents are fully medically tested, PLL clear, have the perfect teeth.

         Gjunp 300 225          Fatma 300 225
gjunpb 300 225 01 fatma 300 225 01

Sire:                                                                        Dam :
JCH. Gjunp Etalon Kachestva         Fatma Minibull z Kosova
(Insegrin Du Domaine D´Odin                      (ICH. Barack Minibull z Kosova
x Henna Vod der Alten Veste)                       x Diana Minibull z Kosova)


Litter "G"
March 15, 2019
Puppies are here, five boys Galileo, Giordano, Gaspar, Galilei, Grus and one girl Gemma.
Photos of puppies G :  http://www.minibullzkosova.cz/en/photogallery/category/54-puppies-g
And photos of puppies at new home : www.minibullzkosova.cz/en/photogallery/category/55-puppies-g-ii

Both parents are fully health tested, PLL, LAD clear, perfect teeth.

Kasimir 300x253 a        Diana 300x253 a
Sire :
Ch. Kasimir vom tropfenden Kessel                      
(Ch. Kid vom Kaiserstuhl x Olga von der Alten Veste)
Height : 33,5 cm

       Dam :
       Diana Minibull z Kosova
       ( Ch. Milkyway Miniature Blackpower x ICh. Holly Wee -M Wild Famy)                                                                
       Height : 35,5 cm



Litter "F" December 11, 2017
Puppies are here, one boy (Faust) and four girls (Fides, Fabienne, Fatma and Felice).
Photos : http://www.minibullzkosova.cz/cs/fotogalerie/category/52-puppies-f?tab=1

sDaB550 413
Sire :
ICh. Barack Minibull z Kosova (Ch. Nuestros Diego x ICh. Aida Minibull z Kosova)
Dam :
Diana Minibull z Kosova ( Ch. Milkyway Miniature Blackpower x Ich. Holly Wee-M Wild Famy)


Both parents are fully health tested, have received Health Certificate, PLL clear, perfect teeth.
See article Health http://www.minibullzkosova.cz/en/health


All puppies have a nice new home.
Litter "E" July 15, 2016

One boy (Edward) and five girls (Elsa, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Emma, Evita).
See the Photo Gallery - Puppies E, link  http://www.minibullzkosova.cz/cs/fotogalerie/category/48-puppies-e
and photos of puppies in a new home, link http://www.minibullzkosova.cz/cs/fotogalerie/category/50-puppies-e-in-new-home

                                 Both parents are fully health tested, PLL clear, perfect teeth.


B290 218

Sire :
Marso Action Apache
(Ch.Duvessa Code Red Margins x Ch.Marso Dance Perfect)
Dam :
ICh. Holly Wee-M Wild Famy
(Ch.Thilo von der Alten Veste x Ch.Bumble-Bee Mini Minies)
Mother of two Interchampions from liitter A (Aida and Asterix)
and National champion (Allanise)


Litter "D" August 25,2015

3 males  Degas, Damian, Dossi and 3 females Dasha, Diana, Delilah

See the Photo Gallery - Puppies "D" 2015 
First part :        http://www.minibullzkosova.cz/en/photogallery/category/46-puppies-d-2015
Second part :   http://www.minibullzkosova.cz/en/photogallery/category/47-puppies-d-ii

Both parents are fully health tested, are PLL clear, scissor bite.

A290 218
Valentino 300 253b
B290 218         
Holly 300 253
Father :
Ch. Milkyway Miniature Blackpower

 Pedigree :
               pedigree valentino 50 38
                    ICh. Holly Wee -M Wild Famy
 - mother of two Interchampions from litter "A"
                  Pedigree :
                               Pedigree Holly Wee-M  m


Litter "C" October 27,2014
1 male (Cruz) and 2 females (Cutie Lilly and Cookie). All puppies have new loving homes.
See the Photo Gallery - Puppies "C" 2014.
Both parents are fully health tested are PLL clear, with scissor bite.

Aramis 300 253                                                                              Holly 300 253                                                                          
Aramis von der Alten Veste

Pedigree :
Aramis pedigree 50 36
Mother :
ICH Holly wee -M Wild Famy
- mother of two Interchampions from litter "A" 
  Aida and Asterix

Pedigree :

Pedigree Holly Wee-M  m


Litter "B" September 13, 2013 :
2 males Barack, Benjamin, 1 female Bandy (all puppies already have  new homes)
See the photo gallery (puppies "B").
Nuestros Diego 019 2
Nuestro´s Diego
Pedigree :
Pedigree Diego m
Diego PLL m
Health certificate - Fully tested with the result OK (heart, kidneys, hearing, patel, lenses)
PLL - clear
Bite : Correct - Scissors

Awards :
Jugend-Champion GBF
Europajugendsieger VDH
Clubjugendsieger Ostereich
Clubjugendsieger GBF
C.E.T.S. Winner 2013
Europasieger VDH 2013

Mother :
Aida Minibull z Kosova
Pedigree :
Aida pedigree m
Aida PLL m
Health certificate - Fully tested with the result OK (heart, kidneys, hearing, patel, lenses)
PLL - clear
Bite : Correct - Scissors

Awards :
1. TOP MBT Czech Republic 2012
Czech Grandchampion
Champion CMKU
Czech Champion
Champion KCHMPP
Czech Junior Champion
Junior Champion KCHMPP
5x CAJC, 4x BOJ, 
3x BOS
6x BOB
9x CACIB (Czech republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany)
6x r. CACIB (Czech Republic, Austria, Hungaria, Slovakia)
20x CAC (Czech Republic, Austria, Hungaria, Slovakia,
National Winner
Best female of KCHMPP


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Litter " A " : * 23.5.2011 4 pejsci a 2 fenky Aaron, Alex, Alf, Asterix, Aida, Allanise (look into the photo gallery)
Little John M1

Holly Wee M
Father :

Little John Wild Famy Bullovers

Tested : PLL-DNA-clear

 test-PLL-Little-John 30 50 - Test

pedegree John m - Pedigree 

Awards :
Best MBT of USA 2008 4th place
Canadian Champion, Czech Junior Champion, Best young dog 2x
Club jugendsieger, CAJC- 6x, Slovakia CAC -4x, CACA
BOB - 3X, CAC - 5x, CACIB - 2x, r.CACIB, National Winner


Mother :

Holly Wee Wild Famy

Tested : PLL-DNA-clear

Holly test PLL 30 50 - Test

Pedigree Holly Wee-M  m - Pedigree

Awards :
Interchampion, Czech Champion, Czech Grand Champion
2. TOP MBT of Czech Republic 2012
4x CACIB (2x Slovakia, 1x Austria, 1x Czech Republic)
6x r. CACIB (2x Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungaria, Polland)
12x CAC, 3x r.CAC, (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungaria, Polland)
National Winner, CAJC

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